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Take Your TABC Certification Online Conveniently from Home

Welcome to the Electronic Age of TABC Certification!
You can take driver‚ training online. You can take college courses online. You can earn your real estate license online. Now, waiters, waitresses, bartenders and bar-backs can get TABC Certified online. And it all thanks to the electronic age and Best Online Results, LLC.TABC Certification

Now, students do not have to wait until the next scheduled class to get their TABC certification. In fact, they do not even have to wait until they have a job. By going online at LearnThenServe.com, students can get TABC certified BEFORE they even apply for the job. What could be more appealing to a potential employer than a future employee who is already TABC certified?

Please note: In accordance with TABC rules, the online test must be completed within six hours. Make sure you set aside enough time to take the complete TABC test from beginning to end in one sitting.

The Learn Then Serve certification program is approved by the state of Texas. Once you have completed the course, you can immediately print out a temporary certification and go to work that day and it is good for two years.

Founded in 2005, LearnThenServe.com has already certified hundreds of waitresses, waiters, bartenders and bar-backs in the state of Texas. LearnThenServe.com provides a one-sitting, 2-hour online course that can have an individual  working the very same day he/she is certified.

Learn Then Serve provides top-notch online training without sitting through a boring TABC class. Along with great customer support, experience, expertise and commitment, students can be assured a business relationship with LearnThenServe.com that will last long past the first visit to the website.Start Your Online Class Right Now!

Click the BUTTON below to enroll  & enter the promotional code TABC to receive your discount.

TABC certification enrollment

By clicking Enroll Now, you will be redirected to the Learn2Serve website. As the provider of this course, Learn2Serve will ask for personally identifiable information required by TABC and necessary to complete the course. Clicking Enroll Now will not charge you any fees; however you can refuse to be transferred to this website by choosing not to click Enroll Now.

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