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Our TABC certification course focuses on responsibly selling and serving alcoholic beverages. We offer the best TABC classes online that you can take on the go at your convenience. The fastest certificate you’ve ever earned is at your fingertips in our Learn Then Serve computer classes from the comfort of the online classroom you choose from anywhere you have Internet access. Your TABC training online is a self-paced, alcohol training instruction that will be the quickest interruption of your busy, every day schedule for such valuable and necessary information that you’ll not believe how school could be such a last minute and easy experience.

The TABC server and seller certified course includes the final quiz which, after passing, will qualify and recognize you as TABC server and seller certified by the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC). This is the agency enforcer of the Texas state laws that require owners of establishments that sell and serve alcoholic beverages and all of their employees involved in the sale and selling of liquor to get TABC certified through a state-approved course such as the fast and cheap 2-hour course we offer for this certification.

To sign up for this instruction and be on your way to get certified on your own today, use the promo code or discount code, TABC, that will permit you to register for only $14.95. Remember that TABC certification is necessary for anyone applying for server positions where alcohol is part of the fare. It is against the law for an employer in the state of Texas to hire anyone to serve or sell alcohol without requiring the proof that the person has passed the test. It is also against the law for anyone to sell or serve alcohol without successfully completing the alcohol training server certification courses such as the one we provide. Under Texas law, liability for certification is owned by both employers and employees. Any kind of bartender certification is not complete without also having this TABC license.

Enroll today to become TABC server and seller certified with 360 training, the online provider offering you the credentials you need for your career. If you’ve already been certified but your TABC renewal is coming up, don’t hesitate to get started now so there will be no lapse in your license to serve and sell. TABC renewal is required every two years so check your certificate for the date of your last certification. All certificates for successful completion, including renewals, are mailed to your physical address the very next business day upon passing the exam. Don’t delay starting; acquiring TABC certification has never been easier.

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